Form No.:ITR-1 SAHAJ. PDF. For individuals being a resident (other than not ordinarily resident) having total income upto Rs lakh, having Income from. ITR V. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAY 4 o. 5. 0. La return of income in. 7>o for assessment year , having the following particulars. A2 MIDDLE. UPDATE: if you are looking for Income Tax Return forms for (FY , AY ), click here. *********. The Income Tax Department.

Income Tax Itr 4 Form 2015-16 Pdf

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The Income Tax Return forms are used to file income tax returns for the income Form ITR 2A was introduced in the Assessment Year NEW RETURN FORMS FOR ASSESSMENT YEAR Form No. ITR-1 SAHAJ, Indian Individual Income tax Return, PDF English. ITR-4 form is specifically for Individual/HUFs having income from business/ profession who are 44AD or 44AF of Income Tax Act. This scheme is optional. If you want to refer instructions for filing ITR-4 in pdf format, to taxpayers, then due date for filing ITR-4 is 30th September, for F.Y.

Tax return for Self Assessment

Agency business c. Business of plying, hiring or leasing goods carriage see section 44AE d. Professionals — who are carrying on a profession of legal, medical, engineering, architectural, accountancy, technical consultancy, interior decoration, an authorized representative, film artist, company secretary and information technology.

Film Artist includes a producer, actor, cameraman, director, music director, art director, dance director, editor, singer, lyricist, story writer, screenplay writer, dialogue writer, dress designer — basically any person who is involved in his professional capacity in the production of a film. These are the professions listed under section 44AA 1.

Devesh runs a medical shop in his colony. The receipts of his business are Rs 1,50,00, in the financial year Can Devesh take benefit of the scheme under section 44AD?

Devesh is a resident and his receipts from this business are less than Rs 2 crore. His business is not listed under the non-eligible businesses list and therefore he can avail this scheme under section 44AD. Deduction for Business Expenses No business expenses are allowed to be deducted from the net income. Depreciation is also not deductible.

Electronic Filing of Returns

However, in case of a partnership firm, a separate deduction for remuneration of partners and interest paid to partners is allowed. This must be within the limit specified under section 40 b. Even though depreciation is not allowed as a deduction, written down value WDV of the assets shall be considered as if depreciation has been allowed. For example, Rohit runs a Kirana shop and his gross receipts are Rs 75,12, from this business.

Common Questions

He decided to opt for the scheme under section 44AD. He also wants to claim depreciation for 1 large refrigerator and a computer with billing system he downloadd for Rs 2,50, He also spent Rs 1,50, downloading new racks for displaying his goods.

Under this scheme, no deductions are allowed from income. Rohit will not be allowed to deduct depreciation from this income. He cannot deduct expenses for the download of the new rack.

The taxpayer can voluntarily declare a higher income and pay tax on it. Click here to read more about bookkeeping and audit requirements.

For example, Ritesh runs a stationary shop and his turnover from this business are Rs 85,20, Ritesh decides to not opt for the scheme under section 44AD and pay tax on the actual income of his business. Computing Turnover or Gross Receipts : Gross receipts or Turnover mean the total collections of the business.

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The receipts shall be inclusive of GST. The receipts shall also include delivery charges as well as receipts from the sale of scrap. Discounts given, advances received and money received on sale of assets should be excluded.

Presumptive taxation under Section 44AE For those who are in the business of plying, leasing or hiring of trucks a scheme similar to presumptive income scheme under section 44AD is available.

Eligibility Criteria: You should be in the business of plying, leasing or hiring goods carriages. You should not own more than 10 goods carriages at any time during the year.

Upload your Form 16 PDF and file your Income tax return now

Visit the Income Tax website https: Step 2: Step 3: Step 5: Step 6: Extract the downloaded file and fill in the required details. In case the income of spouse or minor child is to be clubbed in the income of individual, he can file return in ITR 2 if such income to be clubbed falls under the above criteria. This form can be used by individuals or HUFs in following cases:. This form shall be applicable even if the partner in the partnership firms does not have any income in the form of salary, remuneration, etc.

Visit Income Tax website https: Form ITR 4 needs to be filed by those who opt for presumptive income like professionals, doctors, filmstars, etc.

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Even a businessman or a doctor or a professional with a turnover of less than Rs 2 crore can opt for ITR 4 under Section 44 AD of presumptive income with a declaration of profits. Consultants by profession like interior decorator, architect, technical or professional consultants who charge money for professional advice can also opt for this scheme.

This ITR can be used by individuals whose total income includes income from business or profession.

ITR-4 Form

This form can be used in following cases:. Visit the official website of Income Tax at https: What can I do? You can ask for a duplicate Form 16 from your employer. If you just wish to know who had deducted income tax and the amount of tax deducted, you can download your Form 26AS for the particular assessment year and check.

I have changed the job during the Financial Year. Do I need to get Part B of Form 16 from all employers or only from last employer? You can get Part B of Form 16 from all the employers for the salary paid by those employers respectively.

Alternatively, you can obtain Part B of Form 16 from the last employer wherein the details of the salary earned from previous employer s are also declared. Tax filing through myITreturn myITreturn has developed a question-answer based return filing process, in which you need to answer some simple questions and provide information about your income, tax saving deductions and other fields.

Thereby your Income tax return will be prepared by the software. To know how to file Income tax return from myITreturn. You will be asked to upload your Form Individual is of the age of 80 years or more. April 23, at 1: Choose your Assessment Year Step 5: It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.

July 8, at Provide details of all the Savings and Current Accounts in India. March 14, at This form can be used in following cases:. This form shall be applicable even if the partner in the partnership firms does not have any income in the form of salary, remuneration, etc.

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