Minutos de Sabedoria by C. Torres Pastorino is Philosophy Minutos de Sabedoria é uma obra de filosofia motivacional e inspiratória, escrita. Minutos de Sabedoria - Carlos Torres Pastorino. Uploaded by Amanda Santos Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate. l e r. M i n u t o s. d e. S a b e d o r i a. E B o o k. l i v r e. PDF/ePub/mobi/mp3/txt C . Torres Pastorino, Minutos de. Sabedoria é uma obra de filosofia motivacional.

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2 minutos de sabedoria. 2 Minutos De Sabedoria. Page 1. Page 2. 2 minutos de sabedoria. 2 minutos de sabedoria pdf. Page 2. sabedoria para vencer mike murdock sumário MIKE MURDOCK. SUMÁRIO E tempo de desfrutar a sabedoria para vencer. 2 Minutos de Sabedoria, Vol 1. 2 minutos de sabedoria volume 1 portuguese edition site edition the world s worst records an arcade of audio atrocity the voyeur collection redhead models.

Results Handling Spiritual Resources In terms of spiritual resources, scholars suggest that a range of spiritual practices have been used such as meditations, prayers, dancing, chanting, learning, rituals, and so on. Illustrative of this initiative is the case of Reell Precision Manufacturing whose leaders needed to decide what to do about layoffs.

Similarly, McGee and Delbecq stated that: …many of the executives mentioned the importance of prayer and contemplative practice. They believe that prayer positively affects their business enterprises by keeping their mental and emotional facilities optimal and their decision-making acumen sharp.

After lunch time I used to take a quick walk, do breathing exercises, and prayed to God asking strengths and patience in order to tackle the rest of the day. Torres Pastorino replenished of short wisdom messages and the content was usually suited for the moment that I was living. At home, I read a bunch of books which addressed spirituality development themes, particularly from the Spiritism Doctrine literature and magazines1.

Further, I also used to pray several times a day asking God for 1 Spiritism or Spiritist Doctrine is a relatively new religion given that that it has recently celebrated years of its existence Vasconcelos, Its tenets and principles have been widespread worldwide, especially in Latin and North America as well as in Europe. Anselmo Ferreira Vasconcelos strength, patience, and wisdom as so to find balance for that moment. Overall, I felt an inner peace and renewed strength.

An Episode of Insight We were facing considerable difficulties to surpass the price policies put into practice by our competitors. To a large extent, our business was underscored by an ongoing and stressful price war.

In effect, we were faring badly in virtually all product categories in terms of price performance. Such an outcome was derived from the fact that we did not get to implement a well-organized or synergetic effort. Moreover, our overhead and profit margin target were generally higher than our competitors. As a result, our performance remained below the goal. In light of this scenario, I had the insight to ask the support of a telemarketing manager in order to set up a new program aiming at systematically collecting the prices of products charged by our competitors.

Hence, I developed a marketing intelligence reporting system based on scores of each product and competitor that gave us the precise measure of how competitive we were. It is worth pointing out that this marketing program helped us to adjust, in general, our offerings in certain product categories on an ongoing fashion. Admittedly, I felt enormous personal satisfaction by carrying out this task. An Episode of Intuition I believe that anyone who seeks to find meaning at work is accomplishing a spiritual mission.

Thus, I always give considerable importance to the task of keeping me updated. That time, I used to invest a good portion of my leisure time to read the most relevant marketing and management magazines and books, not to mention courses I attended regularly before such effort become a mantra.

One day I was reading the book Winning Decisions by Profs. Edward Russo and Paul J. Shoemaker upon the process of business decisions and particularly the Chapter 6, which outlined the decision-weighting model method, took my attention. Indeed, I had the intuition at that moment — I believe that God always provides a gut-feeling for those who strive to do better and excel - that I could develop something important in my work in relation to that knowledge and I did so.

Furthermore, Sadler-Smith and Shefy suggested that intuition and rationality are complementary capabilities and executives need to learn how to use each in order to fit the demands of a particular decision- making situation. All intuition work out at a mental sphere or, in other words, it is a function of the mind.

To a large extent, successful executives usually use intuitive skills on a mental level Vaughan, Finally, it is also proposed that prayer, as a transcendent coping mechanism, may help executives to refine their intuition flux Vasconcelos, Thus, I talked with my assistant and from that moment on I determined the adoption of specific weights for each variable that we would judge as relevant in the selection of our suppliers again, I remember that we were a PC and office suppliers retail division.

Therefore, at the end of the selection process, we would be able to make a deal with the supplier of a certain product line that got the highest score, that is, the one that provides us with the best offer. Thus, the system began to be adopted in all business negotiations related to products and services and whether a supplier felt harmed, we presented the analysis report in a very transparent way in order to clarify the doubts.

I also felt enormous personal satisfaction by carrying out this task. Importantly, keep in mind that all narratives and vignettes of this study are derived from a pure reflexive work, as suggested by Haynes Taken as a whole, wisdom is a very sensitive issue for us human beings.

We need to improve our wisdom skills in order make the right things and accordingly reduce our mistakes. It is worth reminding that Aristotle believed in a close relationship between wisdom and moral virtue. I understand that such association is highly pertinent. It is less likely that an individual may behave wisely i. Hence, theory suggests that: Practical wisdom involves attending to the concrete particularities of each case, recognizing instances in which no exact technique or policy applies.

In this sense, the person of practical wisdom, having developed a storehouse of knowledge that comes about through experience, is attuned to the relevant concrete particularities in each situation. Beabout, , p. In some moments, I felt that it was even stifling.

Taken together, the pressure to deliver better results, the prospect of closing the doors, and the internal struggles contributed to such a perception, among other things. When things reached such a state, I used to go to the bathroom for a few minutes and, in isolation, I prayed for strength and spiritual protection to surpass that moment.

As a result, I felt an inner well-being. To some degree, it revitalized me to face the rest of the day. The overall company sales force had to sell products and services of all BUs.

Such an arrangement was unsuitable for us because it made us to be weakened in relation to our competitors. But it had been the solution adopted by the company directors in order to not increase the sales expenses since the beginning of BU. On one occasion, we were asked to give some explanations in a sales meeting. We had to talk about our business, margin, market potential, etc.

Out of respect for our internal customers, we i. In effect, it is considered as a vital dimension for employee self-esteem. Following this line of reasoning, by treating others fairly is the result of viewing them with respect Reave, That episode above mentioned was an extremely stressful situation and the vibrations addressed to us were absolutely unfriendly at the meeting room. By and large, the salesmen were not happy to sell our products at all.

In the end, my boss made a brilliant speech in which he showed the harsh reality emanated from the figures of our business, particularly the profitability item. In fact, it was lower than other enterprises of the company, which were heavily based on manufacturing processes. Such features gave BUs directors more flexibility to manage their operations when specifically likened to our BU particularities retail business. On the other hand, my approach was grounded on the results of a survey that I made with them at that meeting.

2 Minutos de Sabedoria, Vol 1

While my boss made his presentation, I submitted a questionnaire and some open question to them aiming at identifying their opinions about key topics.

Thus, I quickly collected the data and interpreted the results. When he turned to me, I started to discuss topic by topic and no issue went unanswered. Overall, we showed our sincere respect to our colleagues by telling them the truth of our business and what could be done.

Once again, I felt a strong sense of accomplishment and inner well-being. An Episode of Love Talking about love in the workplace may be an unpalatable topic for many people.

It requires some courage to tell our colleagues how much we love their work, how much we love being part of a particular team or organization Secretan, Nonetheless, love is a strong feeling and it is the foundation for other spiritual values and for character. Actually, love-related values can be entwined with great business success Miller, In other words, love may lay the foundation of great human relationships and achievements.

It appears that theory of the firm does neglect it or at best treats it in an inappropriate manner. Taking it into account, in a certain moment of my trajectory, I worked with a much older person.

He was a senior manager practically sidelined by the company and other colleagues. One day, I felt an impulse to approach him and start a conversation. I must add that our offices were nearby. We began a friendly relationship and he told me how the operation had started in the country. In fact, he was there from the beginning. Not surprisingly, he was a living memory of actual events that took place over the years.

As an engineer he had great technical expertise and gave me relevant information that helped me in my work later. We talked in English sometimes given that he had full command of it. Frankly, it helped a lot in my learning of the language.

He was also a great storyteller — actually, one of the best that I have known - and the opportunity of hearing him made me feel good as well as helping me better understand the company culture.

To some degree, he became a sort of mentor to me during that phase of my life. Furthermore, I have to admit that his case served me as an alert about the hypocrisy within the corporate environment. Our friendship - strongly criticized by some younger colleagues - made me see the harsh reality of corporate life, that is, how unstable, insecure, and discriminatory a career in organizations may be. I felt inner well-being for having enjoyed the friendship of a person so wise in my life.

An Episode of Humility The direction of my division wished to launch a certain product line. He displayed great enthusiasm toward that project. As a consequence, I made an accurate financial analysis and the results were unfortunately all unfavorable to this product line according to my analysis, it simply drained the profitability. Obviously, I had to depict a report with my conclusions to my boss.

Regarding that he did not say any word about that I felt that something unusual was happening. In fact, a few weeks later there was another restructuration and I was completely sidelined without any assignment, comment or talking. I thought that I was going to be fired. In some way, my task conclusion had bothered my boss the BU general manager. So, I humbly waited for a meeting with him and my ordeal lasted more than six months, yet I continued to earn my salary. Scholars argue that humility capability is essential to a leader.

It evolves from a thorough understanding about who we really are, regardless of our title, education, wealth or status. It is believed that humility triggers the impulse to make others do better Bakke, The relationship between humility and effectiveness presupposes the ability to accept negative feedback Delbecq, ; Reave, As an important virtue, humility has many Anselmo Ferreira Vasconcelos implications that are not duly addressed, tested or theoretically elaborated.

In this sense, there is room to theorists to better conceptualize such group views and experiences.

To a large degree, my personal narrative fits into this theoretical perspective. During that very tough period of my career, I was approached by a potential supplier who presented to me his product line. At first glance, I appreciated his products electronic devices and I carried out a careful study, field research, and finally I wrote a marketing plan and sent that to my boss.

Taken as a whole, that task, the occasion, and the business circumstances helped me to get out from ostracism. I consider that my humbleness and resilience capabilities led me to overcome an extremely adverse and unfair situation. After all, I was only doing my job, regardless of depicting unfavorable financial forecasts.

In the end, I felt relief to overcome such an unpleasant episode. Two Episodes of Courage Courage construct has been theorized through different domains, but it has particularly been approached by the positive scholarship concept. In this sense, theorists have been insightful by exploring distinguished courage aspects.

For instance, Sekerka, Bagozzi, and Charnigo propose that professional moral courage is a managerial competency exercised in the workplace when managers have to face ethical challenges with a moral response. It encompasses a range of issues such as values-driven achievement, doing good for others, aspiring to moral ideal and promoting orientation. On the other hand, it is associated with four personal governance practices, competencies, namely, emotional signaling, reflective pause, self-regulation, and moral preparation Sekerka, On one occasion, I shifted the distribution system of channels sales quotas to judge it unjustifiable and without technical criteria.

In doing so, I almost lost my job for my "daring" in wanting to do the right thing. The divisional director used to delay informing sales goals to the channel managers, as well as he used to handle with it in a political fashion.

Obviously, we had a strong argument. Despite the risk I took, at least I had the sense of accomplishment by exposing his authoritative way of running it. In another situation, when the division where I worked was on the verge to be closed, a general meeting took place at which the divisional director proposed a management downloadout operation. To some degree, we came to that point thanks to his unsuited decisions.

He just neglected the reports warning the consequences of his bad decisions. In hindsight, I think that he consciously did everything possible to avoid that our BU could recovery from bad results and thus he could make a better deal with the company board. Keeping it in mind, I was the first to clearly expose a disagreement position without fearing the consequences or possible harm to my career outside company. I felt very relieved to have done that as well as a huge inner well-being.

An Episode of Ethics Ethics concern became a very salient issue inside organizations to deal with. Furthermore, we are subject to face many complex situations in the workplace in which it is expected that we behave ethically.

In light of it, it is clear that organizations somewhat offer the opportunity for humans to become better people Collins, b, p. Nonetheless, one must also consider that: Business has always had the ability to bring out the worst in people. In particular, the acquisitive and competitive aspects of it may tempt or encourage even the most disciplined person or group of people into one or more of the seven deadly sins—greed, envy, lust, pride, gluttony, anger and sloth.

Ciulla, , p. He was a good friend of the general director and, from my standpoint, the decision was not based on professional merits. Despite of my disappointment, I quickly realized that he was not guilty of anything.

Therefore, I painstakingly taught him the critical indicators of the business operation and the tools we usually used to manage the BU. I must confess that I did it with great respect, ethics, and loyalty toward him. In a way, I trained him on how to manage properly those business variables.

Sincerely, I felt enormous inner peace for my professional conduct in that episode. I still sensed that he would not have enough time to make many changes and fix the wrong things. In fact, after a few months of his hiring, as noted earlier, the BU was bought by the employees through a management downloadout operation. As a consequence, he kindly offered to help me to find a new job out of respect or professional recognition.

An Episode of Optimism It is surprising that workplace spirituality theory has almost silence about the optimism capability effects within organizations. Regarding the goals, challenges, and difficulties that underscore the corporate life, it is natural that a professional must be able to cultivate optimistic abilities.

My BU had a very serious and lingering problem concerning the lack of punctual provision of certain products i. My predecessors were unsuccessful in handling this issue for many reasons. When I assumed the product coordinator role, I had to talk to virtually every channel managers and I found that the supplying process of the major line of products, which was manufactured by another division of the company, still did not work out appropriately.

That was a very complex situation that damaged substantially our overall performance. However, I was fairly optimistic to solve the problem. Thus, I met with the plant manager responsible for manufacturing that line of products and we successfully reached an agreement in order to take advantage of the synergy between the two divisions.

Also, I felt in this episode a strong sense of accomplishment and inner well-being. In fact, most spiritual teachings advocate the importance of appreciation toward others.

More specifically, the teachings posit others as fellow creations of God and, as such, they deserve respect and praise from us Johnson, ; Reave, I remember of an episode related to a certain product manager, which I had to deal with on a daily basis.

He was a very confused fellow and, in general, his actions and decisions were inaccurate as well as ending up generating many communication problems. Over time, it was evident that he was not - to put it mildly - a great professional.

One day, I stared at him in a meeting with full of compassionate feeling. In that moment I just saw him as someone who tried to survive. Unfortunately, he presented a number of flaws simply because he was not fit for that job.

The biggest mistake was made by those who hired him. An episode related to the sense of purpose Having a sense of purpose in life is essential to achieve some valuable goal. In effect, a life without a sense of purpose tends to be only a meaningless existence. To Keyes , a sense of purpose provides us with intention and a cognitive sense of life. With great joy, I was promoted by my superior to a supervisory position, but for some reason it had not been confirmed.

For politic reasons, my boss was fired sometime later. In an appropriate moment, I informed my new boss of what had happened, and he told me that he could do nothing at that moment. The time went by and a lot of things happened.

Ler inglês – livro grátis para aprender a ler ingles em um ano

Nevertheless, I kept working hard, with dedication, responsibility, and maintaining my hope. Despite the undesirable organizational politics that prevailed in the workplace, I understood that I should not give up of my career goals.

So, I was promoted to be the division director assistant just a few months later. I think that my patience, dedication, and fundamentally my sense of purpose, were essential to me to get that position.

And that achievement made me feel and inner well- being. Discussion Religion is one the major sources to address people spiritual needs Kale, , perhaps it constitutes the most equipped alternative for it.

Indeed, spirituality is strongly grounded on religion teachings Cavanagh, ; Vasconcelos, a. Interestingly, both constructs emphasize the sacred or the search for it e.

Furthermore, the majority of religions provide pathways to develop spiritual The Qualitative Report resources. It appears that human beings have resorted to these mechanisms throughout this journey on this planet seeking to strength, relief, and insights. In my case, I was well-succeeded to elicit the necessary benefits to cope with that experience. I believe that my personal narratives corroborate it.

Obviously, I also thank God for having helped me to overcome such painful moments as well as having provided me with the necessary guidance and sensitivity to grasp the lessons embedded on those experiences. Hence, I further developed resilience, patience, leadership, spirituality, self-reflection, and self-introspection capabilities.

Other books: BOOK OF BLOOD 2009

After all, I had to cope with a harsh test that was permeated, given the circumstances, by an insecure and dispirited organizational context where I spent important part of my work life. But I won the battle by becoming a wiser person. Taken as a whole, I believe that this autoethographic research reiterates such a perception.

The results of this investigation are exclusively grounded on a person experience and given its characteristics do not allow any sort of generalization. Nonetheless, it is feasible to provide a conceptual synthesis that may urge future studies see Figure1. As one can note, the intersection of distinct factors is clearly identified. Furthermore, this potentiality should be explored for anyone really interested in enjoying a richer work life, as well as encouraged by organizations.

Um desses fugitivos chegou a ser preso a duzentos passos da vila. Evarista ficou sem pinga de sangue. A mucama correu instintivamente para a porta do fundo.

Quanto ao moleque, a quem D. Desejo saber primeiro o que pedis.

Nada mais imprudente do que essa resposta do barbeiro; e nada mais natural. Era a vertigem das grandes crises. O perigo era tanto maior quanto que, no meio mesmo desses graves sucessos, o alienista metera na Casa Verde umas sete ou oito pessoas, entre elas duas senhoras, sendo um dos homens aparentado com o Protetor.

O dia acabou alegremente. O barbeiro sorriu; era a pura verdade. E tossia com algum custo. O barbeiro ficou espantado da pergunta, mas respondeu logo que onze mortos e vinte e cinco feridos.

O povo indignou-se. Tudo era loucura. O Padre Lopes correu ao alienista e interrogou-o discretamente acerca do fato.

Anteontem perguntou-me qual deles levaria; respondi-lhe que um ou outro lhe ficava bem. Ceamos, e deitamonos.

Agora esperemos o nosso Crispim. Crispim Soares entrou. Evarista o tirou da dificuldade, prometendo que se incumbiria de ver a amiga e transmitir os recados de um para outro.

O homem foi ter com o advogado, confessou ter falsificado o testamento, e acabou pedindo que lhe tomasse a causa. Os alienados foram alojados por classes. Aprenda com a Natureza! Saiba distinguir o momento oportuno de dar e de receber. Sorria diante das dificuldades e confie n'Aquele que o fortalece e vivifica. Seja dono de si mesmo.

Desperte para a vida, para a Verdadeira Vida. Por isso, nossa vida e nossa felicidade dependem exclusivamente de nossos pensamentos e de nossas palavras. Vigie o momento presente, para que seu futuro seja feliz. Mas, sobretudo, seja paciente e desprendido com as criaturas humanas, que vivem a seu lado, como seus companheiros de jornada.

Espalhe em torno de si esmolas de conforto, palavras de carinho, sorrisos de felicidade. Responda com alegria e otimismo a todos aqueles que lhe dirigirem a palavra, sem irritarse jamais. Distribua os bens que Deus lhe concedeu, em gestos de bondade e palavras de carinho. Caminhe para a frente imperturbavelmente! Ajude aos outros o mais que puder, de tal forma que sua vida se torne uma alegria constante, por beneficiar a todos. Seja forte!

Se errou, erga-se e recomece. Domine sua irritabilidade! Ajude e passe adiante! Aguarde o tempo O sofrimento parece a todos um mal, a dor apavora Que jamais o sol de deite sobre sua raiva. Contenha-se o mais que puder. Procure dominar-se. Olhe para seu filho com carinho. Seja paciente com seu filho!

Papéis Avulsos (contém ''O Alienista'') (Portuguese Edition)

Procure sondar a beleza interna das pessoas com quem convive. O exemplo vale mais do que as palavras. Nenhuma obra de arte pode descurar dos pormenores. Aproveite os minutos de alegria, sem pressa de novamente mergulhar nos trabalhos agitados.


Goze amplamente seu repouso espiritual. Olhe a paisagem, contemple as estrelas, aprecie os caprichos da natureza, colha em todos os canteiros as flores da alegria! Saiba viver integralmente os belos momentos de sua vida! Aprenda a conhecer-se. Seja corajoso!Small, M.

Seja corajoso! Intuition and analysis revisited. Sim, que o adiasse. To help you present a perfect resume in today's job market in this resume help app. For instance, Sekerka, Bagozzi, and Charnigo propose that professional moral courage is a managerial competency exercised in the workplace when managers have to face ethical challenges with a moral response.

Armonk, NY: M. Giacalone, C.

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