Oxford University Press. Photocopiable. Stonesoup. Unit 12 Extra activities. 1. Answer the questions. Look at your. Class Book. Where's the green bug? What's. Chit Chat 1 Class Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Class Book for brown Storter unit Lesson 2 Yellow. Chit Chat 2 Sb - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. D o go u g o sho p p in g? go runnrng reod o book p lo g computer gqm es Hl go s wim m in g plog hockeg listen to m u s ic Do gou go .. Chit Chat 1 Class Book.

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A two-level course that challenges young learners, developing skills in reading and writing as well as listening and speaking. Our discounted price list (PDF) Chit Chat can be used with children starting to learn English, or those who have. Chit Chat can be used with children starting to learn English, or those who have chit_chat_2_activity Class Books 1,2 (+Audios) ✓. Excursions: Grammar and Practice Book Level 1 · Read more Happy House: Class Book Level 2. Read more · Chit Chat: Activity Book Level 2 · Read more.

They still want to create their own personal space and mobile technology can interfere with this.

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This also, however, highlights the social dynamics at play within groups. They may appear to accept these power inequalities but inwardly feel resentful and withdraw from participation in the group.

In this case, although the incident was resolved, it had clearly not been forgotten and unquestionably led to tensions. Both the year one and two teacher training groups agreed they were comfortable exchanging resources and ideas for the good of everyone rather than for individual gain.

Generally, they did not expect tangible returns, for example a copy of an assignment, but benefited from peer collaboration, as highlighted here: DC I think information should be shared RA yeah DC so. Other digital technologies such as laptops and iPads are better equipped to dealing with large amounts of data and the group recognised that there were limitations to using WhatsApp to discuss aspects related to pedagogy.

Several participants highlighted the importance of reciprocity in maintaining social relationships Blau, ;. There was an expectation that their co-members would feel a sense of moral obligation to willingly share knowledge and information on a continual basis.

This idea is not typically associated with the notion of a community where reciprocal social relations are central to forging relationships and building trust Putnam, The group only met once a week on the teacher education course and access to institutional resources was problematic. The extent to which the practitioners learned from each other can, thus, not be analysed in isolation from the social structures and power relations inherent in the local context.

Competences All the practitioners were proficient in the basic functions of WhatsApp and how to. They made use of their existing knowledge of texting and their experience of interacting on other mobile messaging groups.

However, for the year one WhatsApp group, there was initially some confusion over how to display names rather than just their phone numbers. Some people may have wanted to preserve their anonymity but given this is a social network comprised of individuals who know each other and have face-to-face contact at least once a week when they attend their course, this seemed unlikely.

If practitioners do not divulge their identities, there is a barrier between them and the rest of the group. They are not conforming to the norms of the community and full participation, often seen as a prerequisite for building trust and group solidarity, will not be possible.

During the two-year higher education programme, the mobile messaging service was used to express a range of emotions see Additional file 2 for some typical postings by both groups. One participant commented that she felt supported by the group after suffering a bereavement, but others felt there was a tendency for individuals to reveal too much about their ailments.

The content of the WhatsApp interactions was frequently perceived by its members as mundane, thus contradicting the idealised view of communities of practice as highly functional and collaborative learning spaces Lea, Finally, the practitioners also used non-verbal means of communication such as images and emoticons to negotiate meaning and maintain social relationships.

By their own admission, the men tended to adopt a more passive role in the WhatsApp groups. Although this was beyond the scope of the research project, it would be interesting to note whether these gender patterns of interaction were also present in the face-to-face sessions on the programme. The relationship between WhatsApp and other communicative practices In this local context, innovations in mobile technology signified a change in other communicative practices.

Email was still used by the tutors to maintain social ties and send reminders and notices to the group. However, it was rarely used by the practitioners: the mobile messaging service had replaced email as the primary mode of communication outside the classroom: WhatsApp was viewed as a more instant, informal and convenient means of self-expression.

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The trainee teachers also had the benefit of face-to-face contact in their weekly sessions on the teacher education programme which provided an opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings that had arisen from the WhatsApp group interactions.

It enabled them to build on their personal relationships away from their mobile phones; this, in turn, incentivised them to continue interacting via WhatsApp. In addition, the strength of the relationship between individuals and the nature of communication had a significant impact on the practice used by the trainee teachers. There were instances when it was deemed appropriate to contact individuals in the group privately via SMS short message service or by a phone call because the practitioners wanted to share information relating specifically to their teaching discipline which they felt was not relevant to the whole group.

This raises the question as to whether the WhatsApp community necessarily evoked feelings of unity. The desire to be part of a group, therefore, functioned alongside an individualistic need for control.

Overall, on the teacher training programme, WhatsApp complemented other forms of social interaction rather than replaced them. The practitioners balanced the advantages of using it with other communicative practices and deemed it a practice worth pursuing. Its use did not change significantly over the course of the programme but was modified as individuals became more confident with the course requirements and protocols and craved more independence.

Then discuss how the real life small talk went.

Did you hear about…Did you see…What do you think about… are all great ways to introduce current events in a casual conversation. Have your students work with a partner to write 10 questions starting with one of these or another similar phrases that introduce current events into a conversation. Then, combine pairs to make groups of four and have the groups use the questions they wrote to make small talk with their new group members.

This may be more of a challenge for ESL students because they cannot rely on preplanned questions like they may be able to in other small talk strategies.

Still, once students are comfortable talking about their own interests, they may be able to talk about those interests with an English speaker.

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Start by having students write down between five and ten of their interests. These might be a certain type of music, a hobby, something they collect, something they like to do, any interest that another person might share is good.

They should be able to talk about that topic when making small talk with another person, but only if that person is also interested in the topic. To find common ground with someone else, your students can ask questions like these: What do you do in your free time?

What kind of music do you like? Did you do anything interesting this weekend? As a class brainstorm a list of other questions your students could ask someone else to learn about their interests and hobbies. Once you have your questions, position your students in two lines facing one another think speed dating style to practice finding common interests.

Tell students they will have two minutes to find something in common with the person sitting across from them. After two minutes, you will call time and everyone will shift one seat to their right. The last person on each row will move to the first seat at the other end. Give your students two minute intervals to talk to their classmates.

Keep timing them until everyone is once again facing their original partner. After the activity, discuss with your class how effective it was. Were your students able to find common interests during their conversations?

If possible, invite a native English speaking class to your classroom and repeat the activity with them.

All That Chit Chat

For English speakers, sports is another go to topic for chitchat and small talk. People who choose to talk about sports , though, must have some knowledge of the topic to hold an intelligent conversation. What does your class already know about sports in your area?

Can they name the professional teams? Do they know what sports are most popular in your area of the country? Take some time as a class to discuss local sports and regional interests.

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