Nitro Proincludes an extensive set of tools to edit the text, graphics, and pages in your existing PDFs, as well as prepare and polish them for distribution. Nitro's PDF editor gives you full creative license with the ability to add, delete, and edit text and images within any PDF. Copy and paste text into Word and Office. Empower your teams to do their best work with unlimited eSigning and the ability to create, convert, combine, edit, sign, and share PDFs. Experience for yourself.

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Nitro Pro includes tools so you can add new text to a PDF document, or make You can use the Edit tool to update and move existing blocks of text as a. Download Nitro Pro to quickly and easily create, convert, combine, edit, sign, If you're looking for powerful PDF capabilities like a PDF editor, this free trial of. Nitro Pro, free and safe download. Nitro Pro latest version: Highly accessible PDF creation and editing.

If you have a 32 bit operating system:

Step 2: Choose your pdf file, then the editor will open it. Edit PDF Go to the Home tab, you should find four options to edit your documents: add note, markup text, type text, quick sign.

Add Note: If you click on this button, a sticky note dialog box will be opened to type and add the important notes for your document. Once you have finished typing,click on cross button to close the dialog box. Markup Text: With this feature, you can mark and highlight the important points of your document.

Type text: Click on this button, to add new text to your document. You can adjust font style, font color, font size through this feature.

Quick Sign: If you want to sign your document, click on this button to digitally add your signature. It is the comprehensive pdf editor available for windows platform. It has the latest integration with Google drive, dropbox, and OneDrive.

It allows you to connect with Nitro cloud and trigger cloud based online collaboration of files. It has intuitive user interface, familiar Microsoft supported ribbons. It is only supported in windows platform.

It seriously hangs a lot while working on heavy and larger pdfs, resulting a very slow performance.

All Tips on How to Edit PDF with Nitro PDF Editor

It lags behind in competition with other PDF editors available at market. The built-in OCR crashes too frequently. It disables other Acrobat features. It doesn't support embedding multimedia contents into pdfs.

It is a very common and well-known issue of Nitro PDF editor. Solution 1: The solution is, you have to kill all the processes from the task manager or restart your computer to get rid of this issue.

Problem 2: The Nitro Pro Editor launches very slowly when you are trying to open the application by clicking directly on the pdf file.

Solution: You may face this issue if you are trying to convert a large image and the formatting looks off. You can solve this issue by turning on the OCR feature, which will allow you to edit the images. Problem 3: Active hyperlinks no longer work after the conversion. Solution: if you are using an older version of Nitro Pro you may find that a document with active hyperlink becomes inactive after the conversion. To solve this problem, update to the latest version of Nitro Pro.

Problem 4: While converting a document to PDF, you get an error message that the conversion failed. Solution: This is a common problem that can be easily fixed.

Extremely frustrating. The whole feature functions are so frustrating you tear your hair out. I spent more tim e trying to stop this program making boxes out of everything while editing, which ruined line spacing and made the work take 20x longer than necessary, than on the actual pages itself.

Would not recommend. Editing features. Everything More.

Really helpful! Nitro PDF Professional. I receive forms completed by a company that uses Nitro PDF Professional and the problem I have is that the Nitr o PDF Professional logo always appears on the printout of the forms at the bottom of the page.

It is in the box of the form where I need to obtain a signature and this always makes quite a problem for me. I have tried to remove the logo prior to printing but when the form is sent as an Adobe attachment.

It can not be modified. I do not want a product that has their logo on the finished form.

Hope this helps!!. I was looking for a cheaper version of acrobat, I had version 4 of Ni tro PDF pro which was decent but hung up and crashed a lot for me I have and HP laserjet all in one that I have as a networked printer Thanks Nitro, will not hesitate again Brave blocks unwanted content by default and keeps count.PDF editing tools have been available in the past but they can prove to be difficult to use and expensive.

Luckily, others have felt the same, moreover some also know computer programming. Collecting data is just the first step, though.

Which version should I download?

With Nitro Cloud's eSignature and workflow management, you can reduce document turnaround time. It disables other Acrobat features.

Usually, the easiest way to do this is to extract information manually from an Excel spreadsheet, place it into a PDF, and figure out a way to design it.

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