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More on how to get set up like this below! Integrations HoneyBook talks to other software, which is lovely. But, TBH I count credit card fees as like, part of being a business owner in Shopify, Stripe, our courses … everything. Kaur meticulously works to present a different face to each market: On her website , she states that she writes in exclusively lowercase using only periods to pay homage to her mother tongue, Punjabi.

It is a watered-down version of her explanation on her website , and one designed specifically with a white audience in mind. A love of symmetry is, after all, easier to identify with than a loyalty to a specific South Asian script.

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The few poems that specifically address race are positioned facing each other, a brief interlude in a collection that is otherwise devoid of racial politics, and once again addresses a white, Western audience in their appeal for recognition of South Asian beauty and resilience.

Most crucially, her individual pieces that do not deal with race, but rather treat more general topics, no longer read as inherently informed by race simply through their inclusion in a collection that claims to speak to issues of diversity.

Her black-and-white words and sketches become neutral, shared by often white women all over the world as a nod to empowerment and sisterhood. There is no longer any indication of the specific issues of race and diversity she claims her work intends to address.

Thanks to this social media strategy of sharing pieces with little to no context, Kaur is able to target two demographics: white Westerners who might be disinclined to download books by minority writers, and her loyal grassroots fan base that includes a large contingent of young people of color across the world.

This is not to reinforce the often-damaging expectation that writers of color must write only about racism in order to be successful, only that Kaur claims to be documenting a specifically South Asian experience that never materializes.

But is Kaur exclusively to blame here? It is important to consider the literary environment that has uplifted her while shutting out countless other writers from the margins.

Kaur is marketable because she presents a homogeneous South Asian narrative while remaining just vague enough to appeal to the widest possible demographic. Other minority writers, who trade in specifics and details, not broad-reaching sentiments and uncomplicated feminist slogans, would probably not achieve the same level of success.

And finally

It is only by eschewing complacency and holding such artists to account that mainstream media and culture will become more diverse: the kind of representation that, without compromise, accurately tells the stories of people of color around the world, and not just the stories that are the easiest to sell.One person found this helpful.

John's joy proceeds from the expectation that the book will announce the fall of the great Babel empire of the world, and his disappointment follows when he discovers that it predicts the fall of Jerusalem.

Tell Me Honey Details if other: Learn more about site Giveaway. Compare the readiness of Isaiah to fulfil a similar office, and his subsequent fear and hesitation Isaiah Taste six rare varieties of Highland Honey - amazing what a flower can produce!

Want to Read saving…. But alot of the questions were good ones. It would have been a better book if the questions were fleshed out with help for creating a setting that encourages deep interactions.

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Look over my other articles. I am highly influenced by arimaa. I do relish reading comics judgmentally.