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UNI TS pdf UNI TS pdf. Full description. UNI. polžno gonilo. [Norme] Certificazione Energetica-Ita-UNI TS _[1].pdf . Board index Free Unlimited PDF Downloads Free Downloads. Forum 3. Please, help me to find this uni ts parte 2 pdf. I'll be really very. SPECIFICA TECNICA UNI/TS Prestazioni energetiche degli edifici. Parte 2: Determinazione del fabbisogno di energia primaria e dei rendimenti.

Uni Ts 11300-2 Pdf

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Uni Ts Pdf - SPECIFICA TECNICA UNI/TS Prestazioni energetiche degli edifici. Parte 2: Determinazione del fabbisogno di energia primaria e dei. Board index Free Unlimited PDF Downloads Free Downloads. Forum 3. Search Please, help me to find this norme uni ts pdf. I'll be really very grateful . ventilation and lighting according to UNI/TS • Contributions from renewable sources (thermal solar, photovoltaic, biomass) according to UNI/TS.

Certificazione energetica edifici - Consiglio Nazionale dei Geologi ; 24 apr UNI TS PDF : scarica la bozza Tecnologia e ricerca ; 29 lug Definizione di un nuova destinazione d'uso tra gli edifici di riferimento. Prestazioni energetiche degli edifici — Parte 2: Determinazione del UNI TS prestazioni energetiche degli edifici — parte L'extra flusso termico dovuto alla radiazione infrarossa verso la volta celeste della parte.

La UNI/TS - Certificazione energetica degli edifici

A queste norme la La procedura viene differenziata unicamente nella parte relativa all'individuazione Le soluzioni impiantistiche per la valorizzazione delle Bologna, 29 maggio Dalla certificazione energetica ai nuovi metodi di analisi Emilia-Romagna, together with Lombardia, has been one of the first regions to create a system of energy certification of buildings and to further introduce and test a control and monitoring method of such system [6].

Furthermore, the results of the experimental campaigns led in and are analysed. Verification process In order to find the most frequent anomalies in the certificates and to evaluate the reliability of the data in the EPCs registered by the certifying technicians, all energy certificates registered in the Emilia-Romagna SACE [7] database up to May have been analysed.


This considerable amount of incorrect or partially correct information reveals that a verification activity on the issued certificates is necessary to improve the quality of the information collected. Thank to this analysis, three different types of mistakes have been defined: Bearing this situation in mind, the current report shows the verification scheme adopted to check the energy certificates registered during the experimental phase.

Below it is possible to find the methodology used to monitor and control the activities aimed at the buildings' certification and done by the accredited subjects in accordance with the resolution of the Regional Legislative Assembly no.

This control system introduces examinations by an independent third party, in order to safeguard the following principles: In general, checks concern management aspects and technical ones. It must possess all the requirements set by the application and maintain them. Moreover, it must respect the certification procedures.

UNI TS 11300-1 2008

Secondly, the technical controls concern the completeness and correctness of the energy performance certificate. The control system is divided into two types of examinations: The proposed verification scheme is described through the flowchart given in Figure 1. EPC verification scheme followed in Emilia-Romagna during the experimental phase Thank to this type of examinations, it is impossible to register an EPC with data not complying with the current standards or with incoherent or wrong values.

The system immediately detects the inconsistent data, since every inserted number is compared with a range of possible values. To this end, a complete range from the minimum to the maximum acceptable value is created for each parameter to be inserted in the certificate.

If the inserted datum is outside the range, the system asks to insert the datum again Fig. This system of immediate checks on the single datum allows the technician to correctly draw up the certificates on-line.

Type B checks The second type of checks type B is intended to draw attention to the eventual anomalous data in the certificate which require a more detailed investigation.

On the basis of the results obtained in each type B check, the EPC is given a score going from 0 to The achieved score permits to identify the sample that has to be checked through the 1st-level examinations.

On the ground of the data inserted in the present EPC, the system controls the technical coherence of the document by mainly cross-checking the following data: Nowadays the number of type B checks is 19, but in the future the amount of verifications could increase or decrease in accordance with the eventual regulatory adjustments. Checking the technical coherence of the data inserted in the certificate allows to single out all the certificates containing mistakes from the technical point of view and thus deserving a more accurate research.

Reports with turn off or lower the set point when leaving the office for a somewhat long period and in rooms statistical data on electric Energy in Italy. Legambiente and Osservatorio Meteorologico set the velocity of the fans in the fan coils at a Milano Duomo Maugeri M. References and homogenising the data — Nicol F.

Allowing for thermal Apat-OMS Rapporto — Clima e salute in comfort in free-running buildings in the new Italia — Roma, Aggiornamento previsioni della N. Domanda elettrica in Italia - Anni Borghi S.

Application of the LEED PRM to an Italian existing building

Nuovo Cimento, 3, 1—16 Terna, Dati provvisori di esercizio del Brunetti M. Cimento, Vol.

Acknowledgments The project Keepcool 2 where eERG is one of the partners has been a fieldwork for the search and analysis of part of the information reported in this paper.

The Intelligent Energy Europe programme is acknowledged for part-funding the project. The views expressed are those of the authors.UNI TS Disposizioni concernenti il sistema di accreditamento dei soggetti preposti alla certificazione energetica degli edifici. Energy and Buildings, 36— Both these values can be easily found in the filled EPC.

uni ts 11300 parte 2 pdf

Since the Emilia-Romagna region has foreseen and experimentally started a verification and control system on the energy performance certificates in order to check their completeness and correctness. Hugo Hens, , Energy efficient retrofit of an end of the row house: Confronting predictions with long-term measurements, Energy and Buildings 42 — Lollini, Barozzi, Fasano, Meroni, Zinzi, , Optimisation of opaque components of the building envelope.

Cost-optimal and cost effective levels are finally derived and discussed for the cases study. Dati provvisori di esercizio del Brunetti M.

Table 1: numbers of examinations conducted on the EPCs registered in and TRY - Anni tipo climatici.

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