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The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended by the author. Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc.

Backstage pass: Rock musicians--Fiction. Women college teachers--Fiction. He was a gifted musician, taken from us much too soon, but he lives on in his music and in the strings of the guitarists he continues to inspire. I still hear you, Dimebag. Rock on. Un-freakin'- believable. With a loud sigh, she bent to gather the scattered papers. Could this day suck a little more, please? Wel , someone was having a good time tonight. She crammed the papers inside her bag and jerked the zipper closed before continuing through the overdone hotel lobby on her way to her sixth-floor room.

A long, hot bath sounded like heaven. How had she let her associate dean talk her into presenting at this stupid conference in the first place? What a total waste of time. Students loved her classes. They were always ful. She had waiting lists for— Steps echoed hers.

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The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. She paused—her heart racing, palms damp. Whoever fol owed stopped several steps behind her. She could hear him breathing. Tel that to the cold sweat trickling between her breasts.

She clutched the handle of her laptop case, prepared to clobber whoever was dumb enough to sneak up on her. Not Jeremy. Thank God.

Hardrock International

She took a deep, shaky breath and glanced over her shoulder. A lanky, fortyish man extended his hand in her direction. Not me. Her heart stil hammering in her chest, Myrna suppressed the urge to throttle him and extended her free hand to accept his handshake. Doctor Frank Elroy from Stanford.

Abnormal Psych. Head of the department, actual y. Doctor Pompous Ass. Thousands of times. She nodded and plastered a weary smile to her face.

Myrna cringed inwardly while maintaining her smile. This guy was the antithesis of her type. No, thanks. Her present aversion to boring existed at a visceral level. I was heading up to my room to crash. Maybe some other time. I understand. Had he been there? A loud round of laughter drew her attention to the cocktail lounge. Four men sat in a semi-circular booth, laughing at a fifth man who was lying on his back in the center of their table.

His companions scrambled to rescue their beers from certain demise.

Backstage Pass

Brian held up a finger. The unconventional crew in the booth drew more than their fair share of animosity and stares. Was it the tattoos? The various piercings and spiked jewelry?

The dyed hair, strange haircuts and black clothing? They were just guys being guys. Myrna took a hesitant step toward the elevator. She could use a little fun— something other than stimulating conversation with an intel ectual.

She got enough of that at work. Brian, stil lounging in the center of the table, vocalized a riff, while playing masterful air guitar on his back. Myrna recognized the series of notes at once. She used it in her class discussion on male sensuality, because no one on earth played a guitar more sensual y than Master Sinclair.

Hold the phone! Could that be…? Nah, what would the rock group Sinners be doing at a col ege teaching conference? They were probably just fans of the band, though the name Brian made her lead guitarist senses tingle. One of the men seated in the booth turned his head to scratch his chin with his shoulder. Despite his mirrored sunglasses, she instantly recognized vocalist Sedric Lionheart.

Her heart rate kicked up a couple notches. It was Sinners. He rol ed off the table, knocking over several empty beer glasses, and landed on the laps of two of his companions. They dumped him unceremoniously on the floor. Myrna snorted and then glanced around to make sure no one had witnessed her produce such an unladylike sound. She had to go talk to them. She could pretend she wanted to meet them because of her seminar. In truth, she loved their music. The definition of exactly her type.

Yes, please. Abandoning her plan to hide in her room, Myrna skirted the low wal that separated the lounge area from the corridor. She paused in front of Brian, who was struggling to crawl to his hands and knees.

She set her lumpy laptop case on the floor and bent to help him to his feet. The instant she touched his arm, her heart skipped a beat and then began to race. Animal magnetism. He had it. Hello, Mr. Welcome Diversion. His gaze drifted up her legs and body, his face slowly tilting into view.

He had features a sculptor would love: Would it be presumptuous of her to examine the contours of his face with her fingertips? Her lips? She forced her attention to her hand, which gripped his wel - muscled upper arm. When he stumbled against her, she caught his scent and inhaled deeply, her eyes drifting closed. Primal desire bombarded her senses. Did she just growl aloud? His strong hands gripped her shoulders as he steadied himself.

It's just that it was so far into the book-it was towards end, by that point we know Brian and Myrna are in love and it ruined it for me. I expect that in the beginning and middle where it's still new and has less chance of ruining a relationship. But I also know it will not bother most readers, it really is just me. However I think we needed the revelation that happens during that scene-I'm hoping some of those loose ends will be used throughout the series.

I wish more had been done with the abusive ex husband. I loved the end scene with the taser evil grin here-but I won't spoil it for anyone else. The fact that Brian and Myrna hit it off so quickly was awesome, but I felt that the little things like Myrna cooking for the guys, and helping out Brian's relationship with his dad- So many touching scenes really made me feel that there was more than just smokin' hot sex between them.

I can't wait for the next book Rock Hard and I can't wait to see what happens now that Myrna knows view spoiler [Trey is in love with Brian hide spoiler ]. Olivia Cunning is an amazing new talent in the erotic romance field and I will read anything she writes.

View all 33 comments. I shit you not! It was LOUD.. Alright… So anyway!! Goddamn Dimples get me every time! Shadows in my mind! YES I'm aware that M. Shadows was my Travis Maddox but come on I've got a crush ok?!

Be still my heart I think I love her! Especially, Synyster Gates, M. Shadows and Zacky Vengeance. Full interview can be found http: Then later it was mentioned Brian wears guyliner he become Jared to me Anyway!

She knows this is the one chance she has to meet them she jumps at it. Turns out she was wrong, they all want a piece of her, but she only has eyes for Brian. Brian is a hopeless romantic and is heartbroken and blind drunk after his latest girlfriend Angie, cheated on him with the lead singer Sed.

They all seem to cheat on him with Sed She tells Brian her room number anyway and says she has what he needs. He follows up and finds her room, but she just takes care of him, giving him Tylenol and vitamins for his hangover.

But in the morning… Brian finds that Myrna is his Muse! At the end of the weekend Myrna, gets in her car and drives away.. Brian finally gets the courage to call and convinces her to come and see him, even paying for her flights. Of course the band agrees and the story goes from there…. Sex, friendships, Cherry obsessions, shopping trips, bromances, flanter, home cooked meals, tour bus scandals, threesomes, stalkers, sec, groupies, suck circles, sex, beautiful music, sex, some more sex.

What a wild fucking ride!!! When you think of Rock bands what do you think of? Well check all that off! Well not the drugs part.. A lot of Alcohol does that count? Brian being a hopeless romantic broke my heart! I loved him! I loved Myrna and how she made Brian feel! The music talk, the feeling that I was actually at their concert!

The thing that annoyed me most was the damn errors! Soo many! Go get me a beer. Are you trying to bruise her liver? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I love you more than I could ever put into words, but I won't fail you. I promise. This love, our love, is forever. Do you have any interest in getting to know me at all? Personally, I mean. Isn't your entire life somewhere online? I absolutely idolize you.

I wan't to be you. That voyeuristic stuff was hot, Myrna, but I'd rather treasure you. I don't think you understand how beautiful you are. How amazing your lack of inhibition is. How wonderful View all 42 comments. Dec 03, Elena R a. Lunies R rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am officially a Sinners Fan Girl I recommend this hot sexy read to those of you who like reading novels with a Smutty Bad Boy Rock band, and have no problem with all the crazy sex that happens more often than it should.

Hey,no complaints here I love it! He meets Myrna a college professor who specializes in Human Sexuality. How they meet is the funniest story ever,but you gotta read it yourself t I am officially a Sinners Fan Girl I recommend this hot sexy read to those of you who like reading novels with a Smutty Bad Boy Rock band, and have no problem with all the crazy sex that happens more often than it should.

How they meet is the funniest story ever,but you gotta read it yourself to find out. My lips are sealed. I loved how their story progressed from a Lust to Love relationship it was so sweet. As for the Smutty Rock Band members,they're so feckin awesome I loved their relationships towards one another they show the true meaning of friends.

No matter how angry they get, deep down they're the best of friends and no one can tear them apart. I loved everyone of the members,whether they were on stage or off stage. I don't have any favorites at the moment,but if I had to choose I would pick Jace!

I can hardly wait to enjoy and read about all the other band members in the upcoming books. Knowing that finally they'll settle down with that one person that will change their lives is something I really look forward to reading. I Loved this series enough to sit around and patiently wait for the next release.

Thank You So Much to a really good friend of mine who bought me this novel for Christmas,it was the best gift this year! View all 22 comments. Maybe if I read this a few years ago I might have enjoyed it more. I like sex in my books but sometimes it can be overkill. I think our reading preferences evolve over time and mine definitely have.

Need something with more of a storyline in my books. Not a bad read. Not sure if I will continue with the series. Jan 28, Karla rated it it was amazing Recommended to Karla by: I am officially a Sinners groupie. Oh Brian and his magical fingers, he can pluck my strings anytime. Not only is he a musical genius, he is gorgeous, a one-woman man, and a hopeless romantic, what's not to love?!

Of course, the book was dripping with sensuality, no pun intended, but it was a great story. Five young men achieving fame and fortune, and and having to deal with the overwhelming enormity of it all. No sense of normalcy, until Myrna comes into their lives. She falls for Brian and they all fall for her. Usually it's the men in the books that are older, but in this case Myrna is 7 years older than Brian, and I liked that.

A lot of humorous moments, especially when they all decide to go grocery shopping. Too funny! I'm looking forward to the next book. I didn't like Sed in the beginning, but by the end of the book he was tugging at my heart.

Dying to see what Olivia Cunning has in store for him. I'm holding my lighter up for the encore!! View all 25 comments. Dec 14, Kathleen rated it it was amazing.

First off I must say that if by chance that Olivia Cunning is reading this review, Thank You for writing such a fantastic story. I can hardly wait for the rest of this series to come out and will be reading Rock Hard as soon as it's released. Second off Thank You Shawna, if you would not have been reading this book I would more than likely have missed out on this one.

This is by far the best Rock and Roll romance I've ever read.


I absolutely adored everything about the hero Brian. This book was a book made of my wildest fantasy's. This is an erotic romance but what I find a lot in erotic romances with tons of sex in them is that as the book moves along the sex scenes all start sounding the same.

That was not true with this book. I loved how the story explained all the characters in this book and their relationships with each other. That really wetted my appetite for MORE book's and I am happy knowing that the other members of this series are getting their stories too. The ending was so darn good that I had goose bumps all over my body and tears of happiness in my eye's. So I recommend this book to all those LJ fans out there. View all 15 comments.

Nov 10, Jeanne rated it it was ok Shelves: I, uh, Here's the bright side. I always have fun with the br girls, and this was an entertaining br.

I'm glad I now know who the famous Sinners are. The best part was my friend Ada, well, hopefully we're still friends, Lol introduced me to a hot tattooed singer with awesome biceps and dimples. Yum, I got a little distracted watching videos of him, I'm going to let my other favorite tattooed musician sum up my feelings for the first book in the series, This is an easy revi 2.

Yum, I got a little distracted watching videos of him, I'm going to let my other favorite tattooed musician sum up my feelings for the first book in the series, This is an easy review to write, Myrna meets the band and decides she likes Brian the best. They then immediately start a fuck-a-thon that lasts the rest of the book.

I will give this author points for humor, because while I didn't think the sex scenes were hot, I did think they were funnier than shit. I laughed so hard a couple of times I had tears in my eyes. The ass licking, the sucker penetration, the threesomes. I would recommend this book to friends who like really silly books with tons of over the top dirty sex. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that, it's just not my cuppa. I don't have a problem with dirty sex, I just need more than that.

Lucky me, I bought the box set, so hopefully I will bond more with the next book! I'm pretty sure Ami encouraged me to do that as revenge for making her read Forked.

View all 36 comments. Nov 27, Cherrie Lynn rated it it was amazing. Oh, this book was so far up my alley, I don't even know where to begin. Olivia had me from the dedication, and she didn't let go. I loved Myrna from the moment I realized she recognizes the seething sexuality inherent in heavy metal music--something I think a lot of people don't get and that's a shame, because it's an absolute goldmine.

There might have been a couple of moments I wanted to smack her for her stubbornness, but that's only because I was madly in love with Brian and wanted to yell Oh, this book was so far up my alley, I don't even know where to begin.

There might have been a couple of moments I wanted to smack her for her stubbornness, but that's only because I was madly in love with Brian and wanted to yell at her to hurry up and figure out that she was, too. He was smart, funny, sweet and indescribably hot. And who hasn't had this fantasy? It's something I think we can all relate to, but what made this book so awesome was that we see it unfold in a way that's real and, perhaps most importantly, believable. I was in heaven reading it. I'd also be remiss in not mentioning how hot it is.

It isn't just hot, it's nuclear. But I have to say, as much as I love those sinfully sexy shredders, I go completely gaga for growling frontmen. I'm looking forward to many, many more from Olivia. Rock on View all 4 comments. Sep 26, Shurrn rated it really liked it Shelves: Holy Super Sexy Series Batman!! If you're looking for your next guilty pleasure, look no further! Let's get serious for a second There is very little that is "serious" about this book. It is not a literary masterpiece; it is a seriously entertaining piece of erotica, so lets not get our panties in a twist.

Sit back and enjoy it. I'd say that the unofficial breakdown is: And it was because he began writing the score on Mynra. How hot is that? Who doesn't reserve a tiny part of their brain for fantasizing about being someone's muse?

I downloaded the second book in the series immediately - and I think that speaks more about my enjoyment of the book than any review could. As a Side Note: My husband enjoyed the book Not that he read it, but he appreciated the effects of it. His mouth fell open. I had to come on you. She scooted up his body to kiss him. I will update links as they become available 1.

October 24, I stumbled across a Sinners website created by Olivia Cunning for the "band" complete with fake tour dates, bios, discography, and the infamous fan ink page. If you're a fan of the series its definitely worth checking out. Apr 02, Jilly rated it really liked it Shelves: As smut goes, this was pretty fun porn. All about a metal band that tours the country to do shows and hump everything within a 10 mile radius.

And, I had to wonder: It didn't seem glamorous, it seemed kind of depressing. Maybe it's the female in me or something, but I can't imagine anything worse than traveling in a filthy bus for months at a time. I can barely handle the smell after a 6 hour road trip with my family. What happens on a molecular lev As smut goes, this was pretty fun porn.

What happens on a molecular level that brings about the funky smell of teenage and 20ish something boys? So, in this book, we have Myrna nice name, grandma! She has a one-night stand with Brian, the lead guitarist of the metal band, romantic boy, and 28 yrs old.

He falls in love with her and they have a lot of sex. That's really the plot. It was still some pretty good smut. There was a LOT of sex. But, the best part was all of the band members who were each awesome in their own way.

I'm going to continue reading more of this series. I need to do more investigating into the world of rock stars. For science. Shut up, Zoidburg! View all 10 comments.

Just as I remembered Yeah, yeah, judge me all you like I'm just interested in the storyline wink, wink. View all 6 comments.

Apr 20, willaful rated it liked it Shelves: This was a kink smorgasbord, with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I may have forgotten a few things. It was also a weirdly charming look at wild but lovable rockers on tour, if you could get past the nasty way they treat their groupies including Brian. Mar 27, KatLynne rated it really liked it Shelves: WOW - I think this is the most "sex-full" book I've read.

The band consist of the following members: For me, this book was more erotic fiction than an actual romance story. The sex was more dominant than the romantic aspect. And for hot, simmering sex, this book is a 5! Myrna Evans, professor of Human Sexuality. The first time Myrna meets Brian it was instant animal attraction on her part, primal desire. And even though Brian is drunk, within the first 24 hours of their meeting, we have our first sizzling sex scene.

These two were hot for each other and there followed the theme of this book. There was romance, view spoiler [ and Brian declares his love for her after only one day! Coming Soon - there will be an epilog to this book - Appetite for Seduction - and may be downloadd from Olivia Cunning's website at www. It takes place 2 days after Backstage Pass and overlaps in time but not content with Rock Hard.

This is a very popular book and there is even a website with bios, pictures and other information about this fictional band.


February 21 Vitals: Brian is a native of Southern California. He graduated from high school approximately ten years ago and started college to become a music teacher. When the band signed a contract with a major label in his freshman year, Brian quit school to tour with Sinners full-time.

Previous bands: Lead guitarist for Crysys hide spoiler ] View all 19 comments. Jun 17, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hot, hot, hot read. But how can you go wrong with rock stars and sex! Brian is a hero I'd let write music on my body any time. View all 7 comments. Second Read Love this book!!!! Talk about steamy!!! Loving me some Brian!!!

Just finished this book for a second time with my Smut Monday friends. I enjoyed it every bit as much the second time as the first. I do wish there was more of a storyline and not as much of the sex but I still enjoyed it.

I love Brian he is one sexy bad boy and Myrna was great. They had a sweet love story. I will say this time around I have to agree with some of my smut Monday friends in that view spoiler [the three Second Read I will say this time around I have to agree with some of my smut Monday friends in that view spoiler [the threesome with Trey, Brian and Myrna didn't fit as well. I feel like if he really loved her, which he did, then he shouldn't want to share.

In the same breath I know he wanted to give her very experience he could. So I look at it as him loving her and wanting to experience everything with her. I still am in shock that Trey is in love with Brian. I think this should make Trey's book all the more interesting. I can't wait to read about Trey and his happily ever after. What a great book.

I really enjoyed this story however I wish there was a little more of a storyline with the steaminess of this book. Don't get me wrong I am all about the spice however I wish there was more dialogue and learning about these characters. If only it were a bit more complex.

I read this book with a given nudge from one of my goodreads friends. There wasn't much of a synopsis so I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I would say if you are intrigued by the rock star idea and a woman who just happens to be ordinary and meets the band to go for it.

It is a fun story. There is a lot of fun moments and plenty of steamy scenes. I will be continuing on with this series as I can't wait to read each band members story. View all 41 comments. Oh and I can't get this outta my head This book has a little bit of everything On to the next, how much more dirty can it get?!? Oct 08, Hanife rated it really liked it Shelves: Karakterin her biri sorunlu kitapta. Bateristimiz olur kendileri. Sed ise vokalistimiz.Animal magnetism.

It's just that it was so far into the book-it was towards end, by that point we know Brian and Myrna are in love and it ruined it for me. She falls for Brian and they all fall for her. Abandoning her plan to hide in her room, Myrna skirted the low wal that separated the lounge area from the corridor.

Well, duh. How they meet is the funniest story ever,but you gotta read it yourself to find out. On to the next, how much more dirty can it get?!? Wine sampling Tours - Romantic and Cheap Fun.

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